[s-cars] RS6 and Recaro

Vincent Huang vmhuang at pacbell.net
Thu May 2 08:10:02 EDT 2002

I have a source for OEM Audi Recaros as can be had on RS6/RS4 cars.  The
total price for the fronts is around $3500 plus shipping.



With the rears it becomes $4800 plus shipping.  They will come with
airbags and will be fully powered and heated just like in the B5 S4s.


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The seats I was after are not real Audi seats.  Very nice full Sport
that have the harnesses to be fitted to the A6, 5 Series or Merc 3 and 4
series.  If you give them the interior code, they will also deliver in
original finish.  It seems that you must use a drop shipment technique
to a
European who will dismantle them sufficiently to meet a parts definition
hide or remove the explosives for the air bags.  Then ship it to the US.
estimate of cost is about $2000 per seat to do this whole exercise
making it
a formidable indulgence!


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