[s-cars] Oil temperature raising while driving at high speed

Frederic L'Huillier flhuillier at siebel.com
Tue May 7 06:19:41 EDT 2002


On saturday, I came back from Dijon Race track and drive at fairly high
speed ( Dijon - Paris: 350 kilometers done in 1 hours 45 minutes (including
a stop at gaz station)). I was able to drive for long period at speed around
260 kilometers / hours. The engine was running at 6400 tours (full power). I
noticed the oil temperature went from 90 degrees to 130 Degrees. I slowed
down couple of times to cool down the oil temperature back to less than 100
degrees. I am wondering if this is normal or if I should check if anything
wrong with the oil cooler or the hoses. There is 8 liters of oil in the
engine. I am using 10W60 oil.
Thanks for your help.


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