[s-cars] s-cars] 1995 S6 seat repair

Wayne Dohnal dohnal at hevanet.com
Thu May 9 12:03:57 EDT 2002

I'm just finishing putting my seat together after replacing the backrest
heating element.  The hard plastic back pops off of the seat pretty easily,
and gives pretty good access to the inside of the seat (replacing the heater
requires going in much deeper).  You could pop the back and take a look
without removing the seat from the car, if you'd like.  Assuming it's the
same as mine, there are two screws to remove on the very bottom of the back.
Then you have to work the leather side panels out from the two slots in the
back of the seat.  The side panels are held in by three clips on each side,
and you just have to gently work everything apart.  I use a screwdriver from
the bottom.  Once the side panels are free, the back just lifts off.  Then
you will be confronted by a thin white cloth which you either have to unhook
from the clips on the bottom, or just cut.  Once you're past this, you
should be able to at least see what's causing you to be poked.  If you have
to pull the seat, it's about a 20 minute job.

Wayne Dohnal
1994 S4

>I have a 1995 S6 with 80,000 miles.  Apparently, a
>spring has broken or become loose in the back of the
>driver's seat.  the loose spring end is causing wear
>in the leather and pokes me at about the center of my
>How does one gain access inside the seat back to
>repair the seat?  Does anyone know of a service for
>restoration of these seats?  What other options exist
>for repair of the seats?
>Thanks for any assistance

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