[s-cars] Autocheck issues again

Chad Clark chadclark at qwest.net
Thu May 9 18:44:59 EDT 2002

Guys, if you remember, I was having issues with my scrambled-screen auto
check display window about 3 months ago. Removed the instrument cluster,
cleaned the contacts, spot soldered a few solder joints I thought could be
the problem, put everything back together and viola! worked perfectly again.
Now 3 months later, in the last 2 weeks I've seen my oil pressure warning
lamp illuminate and chime away 4 separate times!. Oil pressure always reads
normal(2.5 bar or higher) all these times. Every time this happened, I
immediately pull the car over to check for leaks, bad sounds or anything
obvious. Everything looks, sounds perfect. Oil pressure sender or faulty
auto check display?

I have also seen the brake pad wear indicator come on a few times and then
go off(new brakes and I've checked the wires). Plus, if the wires had a
break in them, wouldn't the pad wear indicator stay on all the time? Each
time these warning lamps come on, I stop, restart the car and I get the big
"OK" in the window and no more lights until the next day or so. Sometimes
the warning lamps will just go out by themselves without having to shut the
car off.

 My question, has this happened to anyone else? If it's the auto check
system that's on the fritz, I should expect to see a burned bulb indicator
soon and maybe a low windshield washer fluid level too?!?!? Who knows.
Anyone got a spare IC I could try for a few days? Thanks for any

Chad Clark '92

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