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joeamund joeamund at online.no
Sun May 12 17:39:58 EDT 2002

A strong advice, do not use other than the stock studs mounting the downpipe.
They are far superior in quality and strength. Although they are pricey(if you
dont get the old ones off)its a pain in the ass when you break the
non-original and have to take off the turbo again and drill or weld a nut on
the remaining piece.

Usually I heat the housing and stud sherry hot and use double nuts if you dont
have the stud-tool. They are loctited from the factory and easily break if you
dont heat them.

Best reg Joern

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>Okay; old EM has been removed:)  Yhowza.  Anyway, whats so hard about
>removing 5mm allen bolts, covered in coolant that you cannot see?  A major
>victory:)   I am now rather intimate with the passenger side of the motor.
>My mothers day obstacle is that the new turbo does NOT have studs on the hot
>side for connection to the downpipe.  Nor studs on the topside for the
>coolant lines.
>I am thinking I can use 5mm allen screws just like on the bottom to solve the
>coolant connection.   The turbo downpipe studs are more problematic.  Can the
>old ones be removed?  If so, how?  I'm thinking of just using bolts or
>cutting off the old ones, screwing them in and just bolting up.
>I don't know why the new turbo does not have these studs.
>Would I use stainless steel bolts?  Anyone know that bolts pitch?
>Genius or even non genius thoughts and comments much appreciated, as I'd like
>to try to get this thing back together by tonight.
> Cheers'
>Bill M
>95 1/2 Avant   Oil changed, Samco crossover on; exhaust system
>                      disembowled and thanking God for Liquid Wrench
>                      penetrating oil :)
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