[s-cars] Intermittent wiper relay

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To be sure, here's what I used to do when I had one:
1) Turn wiper winkie to intermittent position, and back off. Wipers'll wipe
2) When enough time has passed, or enough participation has accumulated on
the windshield for you to want the wiper interval to be set, turn the winkie
back to the intermittent position and leave it there. You'll now have it set
to wipe at whatever the interval was between the last time it was off and
the time you turned it back to intermittent.
3) If you want to change the interval, after a random intermittent wipe,
turn the winkie to off. After your new interval of choice has expired, turn
it back to intermittent, and that'll determine the new interval.
4) If you simply turn it to intermittent, for example after turning the car
on, it'll do some sort of default interval, maybe the 5 seconds of which you
-Ian Duff.
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I have just installed 3B0 955 531 and tried to activate it as per the
Audiworld article found at: http://www.audiworld.com/tech/int26.shtml

Then I did this:
'To use it you first place the wiper switch in the intermittent position
and turn it to off. The wiper will wipe once. When you need the wiper to
wipe again, you place the wiper switch to intermittent and it will
remember the time interval and repeat the wipe at this interval. To
change the time just turn to off it will wipe and then turn to
intermittent position to set the new time interval."

Weel, this does not change the fixed 5 second interval. What am I doing

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