[s-cars] Max. Boost Question

Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at earthlink.net
Mon May 13 22:45:48 EDT 2002

This may be a little off-topic since it isn't for an S4 but this is the most
knowledgeable group I can think of for this question.  I was wondering if
anybody knows why the chips for the 10 valve engines only max out at about
1.8 Bar, where all the 20 valve chips stage 1 starts at 2.25 Bar and things
just go up from there.  Since my specific question involves my early '89
wagon with the 7.6 CR and K-26 turbo I certainly don't see any limitation
driving this from the turbo or the CR of the engine.  Is the CIS injection
not up to the job?  Is the head gasket weaker??? (I doubt it).  Is the
intercooler not able to handle the extra boost effectively?  Driveline??? I
am interested in chipping the car and wondering if anybody makes a 2.0 Bar,
or so, chip for it?  Thanks.
--Calvin Craig
Parker, CO
'92 S4
'91 200 TQ
'89 200 TQW
'72 Formula Firebird

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