[s-cars] Cam sensor replacement

Aaron Taylor aaron at sunvalley.net
Thu May 16 10:48:47 EDT 2002

Thanks a million guys -
What an unbelievable resource this list is.
I could not have dreamed of a more detailed description - with pictures no less.

I owe you each a beer.
Where do you live?

"James Murray (LMC)" wrote:

> Hi Aaron,
> These are pics of when I did my Cam Sensor Replacement. I thought it might
> help.
> It's doable as Bob says, and you don't have to move the Rad, but you have to
> remove the lock carrier, the serpentine belt tensioner, and cam sprocket.
> What I did was mark the belt and cam in position, then dissemble and then
> re-assemble lining the marks up. You can remove the Cam sprocket without an
> impact gun although that would have made it a lot easier for me... just be
> careful not to damage the inner circle on the cam sprocket if you jam
> something in there to get the cam off.
>  <<CPS.zip>>
> Cheers, /James.
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>         AARON:
>         Bruce Mindel just installed a new one and it turned out not to be
> the
>         problem.  He might be willing to sell his good used one -- these
> aren't
>         cheap.
>         If you remove the lock carrier, you can (just barely) gain access to
> the
>         serp belt tensioner without moving the radiator.  Remove it (3
> bolts), then
>         remove the timing cover.  Use a zip tie or a piece of wire to hold
> the
>         t-belt to the pulley, then use an impact gun to remove the cam
> pulley bolt.
>         Loosen the tensioner, then set the pulley to the side. The sensor is
>         immediately behind the pulley.
>         The trick is the zip tie or wire.  By positively holding the t-belt
> position
>         relative to the pulley, you save a lot of time on reinstall in
> determining
>         the correct t-belt timing.
>         Bob
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>         Hi all -
>         Car is 1995.5 S6 avant.
>         Ive been browsing the archives and read several posts regarding
>         replacing the cam position sensor.
>         Amy body have additional tips or suggestions?
>         Im getting an intermittent light with cam sensor code.
>         It is sometimes slightly hard to start and last nite my wife could
> not
>         get it started at all (warm).  This morning it started right up.
>         Should I bother trying to diagonse this further?  Could any thing
> else
>         be tripping this code?
>         It tough as its intermittent.
>         Im tempted to get a Bently before attempting this job but it does
> not
>         sound too difficult.
>         Are you guys under the belief this can be done without removing
> radiator
>         etc?
>         Am I correct the sensor is behind the cam sproket and can be
> accessed by
>         releasing tension on timing belt and removing sproket?
>         Slide radiator forward as much as possible, remove cover etc....
>         My car has had a recent timing belt and tensioners so no need to
> hassle
>         this.
>         However - The car has 70Kmi and did not get a water pump during the
> belt
>         replacement.  Should I do this now?  How much additional work is
> this?
>         Thanks for all your wisdom.
>         Aaron
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