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Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Thu May 16 23:12:25 EDT 2002

That's right - you disabled your DRLs didn't you? In my case the bulbs were
lit even with the headlight switch off due to the DRL circuit. AFAIK the
autocheck is active whenever power is applied to the light circuits - from
what I recall on my car it was active with the DRLs on but the headlight
switch off. Your car is Canadian, so there may be some odd interplay in the
old DRL circuit, but offhand I can't think of what it could be.
Sounds like you took care of the bulb issue in any case.
You may want to recheck your DRL disable and your autocheck disable to see
if something has come adrift.
Odd problem.


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my very first course of action was to remove both bulbs, discover the
oxidised and dimpled led contacts, touch them up with a soldering pencil
and round them off with a file to form a nice and round contact.
Besides, the Autocheck only sences the burnt bulb in the LIGHTS ON
position. Whereas mine comes on by itself, regardless of the light stalk
position. Very puzzling.


Fred Munro wrote:
> Igor;
> I had a similar problem on my '86 5ktq. It turned out to be an
> contact on one of the taillight bulbs. The bulbs had been in there so
> that the soft lead contacts had worn down and the tension on the spring
> contacts in the bulb socket wasn't enough to ensure good connection with
> the bulb. Took me a while to track it down since both bulbs tested good
> the bulb socket contacts were clean. Replacing both bulbs solved the
> problem.
> Fred Munro
> '94 S4
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> Folks,
> this is driving me nuts. As of a week or two ago my Autocheck has
> starterd displaying the burned lamp symbol. All while driving,
> intermittently on and off. Funny I should ask for help on this. I have
> hacked the Autocheck a long time ago (for the relayed Euros) and it has
> been performing flawlessly for 3 years.
> Conditions:
> 1. All bulbs are OK. And I mean really OK. Impedances tested with a
> multimetre and they all light up.
> 2. The bulb symbol comes ON with IGNITION ON, but while the light stalk
> is in the OFF position. This is puzzling. Even if a bulb were out, the
> Autocheck should not have noticed it untill the lights were turned ON.
> I have tested this im my garage last night by removing one taillight
> bulb and while the Autocheck was OK. If I did this with IGN ON but
> LIGHTS OFF the Autocheck was happy. As soon as I turned the LIGHTS ON,
> the Autocheck had senced the removed bulb. Just the way it was supposed
> to work in the first place.
> Yet when it is intermittent, it buzzes w/o the lights turned ON, i.e.
> when it is not even supposed to otice a burnt bulb if there even were
> one burned.
> Did anyone have anything like this?
> Igor
> P.S. I am going to swap my Lamp Control with Sterfan's. If the problem
> stays with my car - it's the wiring, if it moves over to Stefan's car -
> its the module itself. Yeah, my favourite "how to catch a lion in a
> desert" approach.
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