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Fri May 24 12:11:59 EDT 2002

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IF you have an "overflow" problem wrt to bypass valves Hap, you can put 2 in
parrallel, doubling the flow (or 4 in parrallel quadrupling the flow).  Kinda
like what audi did with the neu S4/RS4.

4?  That would be bragging rights, or one could conclude that the turbo is
too big (whoa?!?!?!!)

Point of reference:  The pikes peak S1 = 1 bosch bypass valve.

Scott Justusson
1 bypass valve duder

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> Steve
> My choice for bypass valves would either be Turbo XS or Turbo Smart. These
> are competing Australian companies. TEC does sell the Turbo Smart valve.
> The
> distinguishing feature of both these valves is the spring tension
> adjustment
> feature. The Turbo XS valve uses shims and the Turbo Smart uses a screw
> down
> feature. They both have all metal construction. What I found is that the
> flow
> from my big turbo overwhelmed all the other valves.
> Hap, digging out of 10" of snow in Evergreen, Maguire

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