[s-cars] Avant for sale and learning to drive

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Thu May 30 11:39:18 EDT 2002

To second Paul's suggestions, IMHO autox is a very good way to learn the
handling limits of your car as you can pull some serious gs in a fairly
safe environment and learn what your car's limits are without worrying
going too fast while doing so.

I always take the opportunity whenever possible to go out driving in
deep snow, esp. if I can find some big parking lots. You get to learn
your car handles in low traction and you really can see what your
distances are like in snow as well as your handling limits. My NRWs
aren't too
bad in a straight line but they don't handle turns too well in deep
I learned that from driving around on empty roads and lots, much better
way than in traffic where there is no room for error.


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