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Sat Nov 2 07:45:23 EST 2002

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linust at mindspring.com writes:

> Rod--
> Don't you think you're being a bit of an alarmist?  Both Toluene and Xylene
> are major components of pump gasoline, especially for
> high-grade/high-octane fuels.  See
> http://www.shellchemicals.com/toluene/1,1098,277,00.html
> http://www.shellchemicals.com/chemicals/products/product_profiles/0,1381,92,
> 00.html
> better yet, see Mobil's MSDS on unleaded fuel:
> http://emmsds.ihssolutions.com/netacgi/nph-brs.exe?d=MRUS&
> s1=13128-00+or+150
> 24-34+or+15826-30+or+25015-00+or+33126-00+or+47092-00+or+140012-30+or+170019
> -31&s2=&s3=&s4=&Sect4=OR&l=20&Sect1=IMGTXT&p=1&u=/msds/search.html&r=2&f=G&
> S
> ect3=MRUS
> where it notes both Toluene (5%) and Xylene (10%) as components
> Also, go google for the gasoline faq--a notation in part 2 that aromatics
> (both toluene and xylene are) are typically <25% in the US, but as much as
> 50% in some countries.  hmmm...
> Perhaps something else is pushing your motor to the edge to consume O2
> sensors?
> --Linus
> At 08:11 PM 11/1/2002 , S4audinut at aol.com wrote:
> >>

Maybe, But Xylene is a bad carcinogen, and we use extreme caution when using
it in the lab at my hospital, so maybe yeah, I just dont think so. Xylene on
your hands will immediately draw all moisture from your skin, how harmful is
harmful, how attached are you to you (insert appropriate genetalia). As far
as oxygen sensors, no Xylene and it doesnt have the problem YMMV

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