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Wed Nov 6 15:19:16 EST 2002


I also was dissapointed in the S4tts, I was close to buying one, but ended
up with the '95 S6. They are suprisingly slow, a while back I was driving my
buddy's '00 GTI VR6 with a 6 speed, and was able to keep up with one, which
was not chipped. And the VR6 is a peppy car, but not truly fast. My S6 stock
would pull significantly on both the 6 speed Golf and the S4tt. Glad I
didn't waste the extra money!!

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>Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 06:59:35 -0800 (PST)
>Out of pure curiosity and for bragging rights more
>than anything else, I did some "testing" last night on
>my top secret proving grounds.
>Me: MTM 1+, Stromung sans cat, WG turned down 1 turn,
>not 6.
>Him: APR Stage II (APR Chip w/Brullen catback exhaust)
>We did a pull from 3300 RPM's in 3rd up to about 110.
>We were dead assed even all the way to 110.  Not an
>inch, nothing.  If it wasn't for the background and
>the road, you'd think we were parked.  I wanted to see
>who pulled on the top end, but he wussed out.
>We're both at sea level, approximately and he was
>shocked.  ;-)
>Nope, they're not as fast as you may think they are,
>and I'm going to dyno my car sometime in the near
>future as a local 4 wheel is accessible...anyone in
>for a group buy?
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