[s-cars] Angelo oh Angelo where for art thou Angelo

Angelo Alexopoulos airs41994 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 6 10:26:27 EST 2002

I will be there just as long as you don't have one for the remainder of the
year. Too many things going on right now for me to make any kind of plans
like that. MY buddy Bill made it to your last one so now it is my turn to
make it there. I will even bring up some pizza for the next gathering just
as long as somone supplies some Guinness! Later!

94 S4
83 urq
86 coupe gt sold over the summer and subsequently wrecked twice by new

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>Subject: [s-cars] Angelo oh Angelo where for art thou Angelo
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>Angelo wagered:
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>There was plenty of room actually. I am not too sure if it was an new S4.
>had a spolier and some nice rims on it. I could not see what the badge in
>front of the car was. The next gathering Paul has at his house I will make
>it to. I will be there!
>94 S4
>83 urq
>1st:  Believe it when I SEE IT
>2nd:  Next gathering Paul has at his house will likely be a long way away!
>Well, that is until I decide to have one regardless that my kid's due in 7
>days.  We'll just have to be quieter under the his/her room @ 2:45 a.m.
>-Paul soon to be divorced K.?
>CT, home of Insanity Anonymous
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