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I am at the same elevation as you, +- a couple hundred feet. The sea level
aspect was brought to my attention when I drove my mother's Merc E420 at sea
level, after only having driven it at a mile high. Holy Crapo!!!

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>You are in NM, right, and I think you are chipped, right?  If so, when you
>are at 5k feet or so I would expect you to beat Z28s.  Up here in denver it
>is pretty much a dead even heat with my bone stock '92.  Just don't try it
>at sea level :)
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>Driver error, yes, I was usually able to beat Z28s with my stock S6, My car
>is one of the faster ones I have driven, and I have perfected my launch,
>(until I toasted my clutch). Most people out there can't drive for shit.
>to brag or anything. :)
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> >
> >Paul-
> >Maybe this can be attributed to driver error (Not on
> >your part, on their part).  Back when I had IA Stage
> >III and the stromung, I did a run w/2002 S4 with UUC
> >VM1 exhaust and no chip.  I had trouble with him and
> >he pulled on me mostly.  Maybe my car was acting up
> >then, too, or maybe I can't drive for shit, but I
> >doubt it.  Stock for stock, I think the B5's will walk
> >on a C4, but hey, that's just me, what hell do I know?
> >Anyway, the cars are close enough that it really
> >doesn't matter on the street, although staying in
> >boost is more of a problem with our cars as opposed to
> >a twin turbo setup with K03's or K04's.
> >But there's a lot to be said about the kick in the ass
> >of a big turbo motor.  ;-)
> >-Joe
> >--- Paul Friedenberg <paulunm at msn.com> wrote:
> > > Fellas,
> > >
> > > I also was dissapointed in the S4tts, I was close to
> > > buying one, but ended
> > > up with the '95 S6. They are suprisingly slow, a
> > > while back I was driving my
> > > buddy's '00 GTI VR6 with a 6 speed, and was able to
> > > keep up with one, which
> > > was not chipped. And the VR6 is a peppy car, but not
> > > truly fast. My S6 stock
> > > would pull significantly on both the 6 speed Golf
> > > and the S4tt. Glad I
> > > didn't waste the extra money!!
> >
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