[s-cars] Speaking of Cheap Tools - how bad?

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at att.net
Thu Nov 7 21:49:51 EST 2002

> for the front, i've been jacking at the jacking point and putting
> the jack stand under the skid plate, which is a beefy channel section.
> the sides of the channel keep the car from sliding sideways on the
> jack stand.
> for the rear, i jacked under the rear differential and put the jack
> stands under the jacking points.
> anybody have a better way?
> -teddy

I always jack the car up from the most solid looking thing I can find.  For
the front I jack from that inboard C-channel section and place the jack
stand under the low point of the front subframe.  For the rear I jack from
the front pivot point of the lower control arm (you have to be careful to
avoid the plastic shield on the right side) and place 5-ton (they're taller)
stands under the blocks in the body that are behind the rear wheels.  The
blocks are higher up on the body, hence the need for the 5-tonners to reach
without overextending, but it provides a very sturdy point to place the jack
stand.  I always use a block of wood in the cradle of the jack.


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