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I experienced Rare Bear shake the ground at Oskosh
several years ago, so I can hardly imagine what it
must be like in the cockpit.
I also remember a comparision sheet between a standard
Bearcat and Rare Bear that Lyle Shelton was handing out
in his presentation.  Under the category "oil consumption" the
standard Bearcat had some specific number of gallons
per hour. All it said for the Rare Bear was the word HIGH!
After seeing it start up cold I can see why! I guess they
need some extra big piston clearances for that baby.


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> Paulie
> I've heard that before but it still brought me to full on laughter. Both
> grandsons also loved it. Too bad they leave here tomorrow. We've had a
> time playing and swimming on Anini Beach, but I digress.
> By far the best internal combustion engine I've ever heard belongs to the
> Rare Bear. This Grumman Bearcat Unlimited racing plane is flown by my
> neighbor, good friend, and fellow United pilot, John Penney. It boasts
> 4000 hp while on boost and with water/alcohol injection. The thing is just
> violent. Every 15 minute race is an exhausting experience for the pilot
> hanging on. V-12 smooth it is not. Raw power is what this beast is all
> Hap, saying good bye to the family on Anini Beach, Maguire
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