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Sat Nov 9 21:17:24 EST 2002

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Thanks Andy,
Sounds like you're up on it
Now settle down.

fast928 at prodigy.net wrote:

> Valum??  HMMMM??  Maybe you meant Valium!!?
> Excuses are like a$$hole$, everybody's got them.  Even with the excuse
> it still doesn't make since because your overflow AND your owner's
> manual would tell you to get G11.....NOT G12.  Do you know what
> happens when you "ASSUME"??  In your case you replace your radiator!!?
> >Oh and by the way, most owners manuals say "use only XXX approved XXX"
> What is that supposed to be...a part number??  Audi doesn't list part
> numbers in their owners manuals because.....they are subject to change
> at a later date.  Therefore, if they listed a part number and then
> changed it would be wrong in the manual.  G 002 000 is the closest
> thing you'll get to a part number (do you know what that's for??)!!
> Man, Audi is always thinking.
> If your car takes G11, the owners manual will say, and I quote from
> one of mine..."The coolant consists of a mixture of water and the
> manufacturer's coolant additive G11 - antifreeze on glycol basis with
> anti-corrosion additives...."  They even tell you the mixture
> concentration!!
> If you're car takes G12.  The manual will specifically tell you NOT to
> use G11.
> If you don't know what G11 OR G12 is then I would buy it DIRECTLY
> from the dealer.  For future reference, you should try to plan ahead
> when working on your car (i.e. buy coolant before you touch the
> coolant system).  I even have dealer coolant (G12) in my garage; just
> in case.  I guess I was thinking ahead since my closest dealer is an
> hour away!
> P.S.  Since you haven't read your owner's manual in a while.  G11 AND
> G12 are poisonous (says so "in the manual").  I don't want you to
> assume that they are "delicious"!!  :-D
> ---
> Andrew Lundy
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> Lee Levitt wrote:
>>Oy, someone needs to switch to decaf :)
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>>><RANT ON>
>>>WOW.  This is so SAD.  How hard can it be to figure out??
>>>Look at your frick'n car for once.  It tells you direct
>>>ly where
>>>you add the coolant.  You can't miss it.  Depending on the year
>>>of the car it will say on a tag at the overflow tank or it will
>>>actually be STAMPED into the overflow tank itself.  It's really
>>>not that hard.  For example...
>>>On my 1990 CQ there is a tag around the overflow cap.  The tag
>>>says "Use only Audi specified phosphate free anti-freeze
>>>containing ethylene glycol / G11  Available at your Audi dealer"
>>>This tag has a part number 000 010 007G, in case anyone wants to
>>>buy one an staple it to there forehead  :-)
>>>On my 1999 A6, STAMPED into the overflow tank is a "G12" with an
>>>arrow pointing into the tank.
>>>I suppose some dumb PO could have removed the tags (on those cars
>>>equipped) but it's still listed in your owner's manual.  If your
>>>G11 tag is missing...ORDER IT!!  I guess this just goes to show
>>>that nothing is foolproof!!  <RANT OFF>
>>>Andrew Lundy
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>>>99 A6q
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>>>  Hi all
>>>  Now you have me concerned...
>>>  I just replaced thermo and filled 50/50 with Audi coolant P/N
>>>ZVW 237 GL 12 - Its pink / red
>>>  Any problems with this in urs6? (i wont mix - promise)
>>>  Thx
>>>  Aaron
>>>  Rich Assarabowski wrote:
>>>Point well taken, Igor.  I was referring specifically to the urS4
>>>whichBruce was asking about.  Bentley call for the G11 for these
>>>engines.Mixing G11 and G12 is a no-no.-- RichRich Assarabowski
>>>wrote:Bruce:Use Pentosin G001100 (popularly known as G11), it's
>>>the blue stuff.It's also sold at VW dealers unde
>>>r their Autobahn
>>>label.  I boughtmine at Blaufergnugen, they currently have it on
>>>special at 10% off.Draining procedure is outlined in Bentley
>>>(drain radiator, removethermostat), be sure to replace the
>>>thermostat O-ring with a new one.Use distilled water, not tap
>>>water when making your 50/50 mixture.Pretty straightforward on
>>>these cars.-- Rich Assarabowski   '93 S4   '83 Coupe GT   '90
>>>200qIs there a  "special" antifreeze that must be used in our
>>>Audi's?  Mycar is a '95.5 S6. (ohne Silicates, aluminum engine
>>>>components, etcetera) Any BTDT with this DIY issue?  Flush
>>>techniques? Where to
>>>buy?_______________________________________________A4 mailing
>>>listA4 at audifans.comhttp://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/a4Rich
>>>,I see that you have CC:-ed the A4 list. The colour of Pentosin
>>>for mostA4-s is RED! The p/n is G 012 A8 D. According to my A4
>>>Bentley mixingthe two  will cause a major damage to the engine.
>>>Bentley provides a VINcutout, somewhere in the 1996 m.y. if
>>>memory serves me right. Be verycareful, folks!--Igor Kesseltwo
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