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> >Valum??  HMMMM??  Maybe you meant Valium!!?
> >
> >Excuses are like a$$hole$, everybody's got them.  Even with the excuse it
> still doesn't make since because your overflow AND your owner's manual
> would tell you to get G11.....NOT G12.  Do you know what happens when you
> "ASSUME"??  In your case you replace your radiator!!?
> >
> >>Oh and by the way, most owners manuals say "use only XXX approved XXX"
> boy, oh boy, lighten up with the attitude, dude!  One service lists like
> this perform is to cross check and reaffirm what people are struggling
> to be sure to understand.  What is wrong with asking people who've btdt
> to get it right before doing work, buying parts, etc?
> Another very useful purpose is to correct errors in owners and shop
> manuals... which *do* exist...
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Interesting thread, I recognize the tone,what is this about?

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