[s-cars] Re: Sudden sound of escaping air at boost? (Kneale Brownson)

Miller, Casey Casey.Miller at janus.com
Thu Nov 14 10:49:37 EST 2002

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Hi Shawn,
Check the small hose on the back of the engine, up top, near the head
cover.  I recently had this split on my car.  It is an "L" shaped hose
(elbow) that will be under pressure during boost.  Your symptoms sound
just like mine...I would have boost for a while (maybe up to 1 bar) and
then a sudden loud "whooosh" sound--YMMV depending on the severity of
the split.  If this is it it's a cheap fix < $40 at the stealer.
'92 urs4 black/ecru

>Hi Guys,
>So I took off my Michelin Man hose off cleaned it and guess what its in

>great shape. I put it back on tighten everything as much as possible I
>go for a ride and still had the sound of escaping air. All the other
>hoses look fine...could it be a blown BPV?
>What symptoms would there be if my BPV was blown?

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