[s-cars] SWM ISO MAF

D Cosby dccosby at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 18 02:31:47 EST 2002

#1 sounds like a sticky idle stabilizer valve.

#2 sounds normal. I've blown off hoses and the car always stalls with a nice
rich puff of smoke out the back.

#3 again doesn't sound too out of the norm

#4 short of sucking the MAF into the turbo, I can't see this being a problem
(turbo overspin aside)

I'd start with #1 and spray a crap load of carb cleaner in there. I had one
fail all together a few years ago and am now running one off a wrecked 200
that a mechanic friend had (occasionally sticks a bit on startup too).

If you're coming to Toronto, be sure to put the snows on.


>From: Joseph Pizzimenti <pizzoman at yahoo.com>
>To: s-car-list at audifans.com
>Subject: [s-cars] SWM ISO MAF
>Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 20:39:58 -0800 (PST)
>Fellow Audiots,
>Here's what I got:
>MTM 1+ with a possible failing MAF.
>(1) On startup, takes a few cranks to get going, then
>revs will pop to 1k, drop below for a split second,
>pop up and then stabilize.
>(2) When I popped off the lower IC hose last month, I
>heard a whoosh of escaping boost and the car stalled.
>Shouldn't it go into limp mode?
>(3) Sometimes, I get A/F readings off of the Autometer
>(mostly when it's wet out) that are quite sporadic
>(i.e., 5 LED's on at once)
>(4) I did drive the car with blown hoses more than I
>should have...this includes the intake boot from the
>airbox to turbo to MAF.  Could this have taxed the MAF
>Does anyone have a spare lying around, as I'm leaving
>for Canada this Friday with a local hottie.  Is the
>MAF even my problem?  Should I check other things?
>Should I just take hottie and show her how forgiving
>the ecru can be when you're stuck on the side of the
>Queen Elizabeth Expressway?
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