[s-cars] S6 Avant in Canada? (No, but...)

tblack Tblack5 at cogeco.ca
Tue Nov 19 16:46:30 EST 2002

I have a genuine S-sno'blower (Sears), 9hp., electrical starting, normally
aspirated, 24" cut, third season. Just filled the gas tank today and gave it
a warm-up lap! Started right up on the first rev of the crank, too.
Waiting to blow in Oakville, Ont.
Tom Black.
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> CaptMagu at aol.com wrote:
> >
> > Randy
> >
> > Oh, so you want to talk snow and S-blowers eh. Well, I've got a highly
> > modified Toro 824. It features a Happersized carb and modified hair
> > supercharger plus porting and stuff. When you run at 8000ft of altitude
> > you've just got to have forced induction. My little baby was dynoed at
> > hp at the wheels NCFS(not corrected for snot).
> >
> > Let the S-blower wars begin!
> >
> > Hap, waiting to blow snow in Evergreen, Maguire
> > 93 RS4
> > 90 824, dah Monstah
> Gentlemen,
> Hehe, I have just snatched a used Toro S-120 snowblower off ebay, for
> only $56 delivered! Can't wait for the snow to fall down to test it.
> And...mmmm... technicaly it is an "S" model and it is blown, so it keeps
> my S6 a good company in the garage.
> --
> Igor Kessel
> two turbo quattros
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