[s-cars] Heater Blower

Mark Pollan mark.pollan at wcom.com
Wed Nov 20 09:54:19 EST 2002

Agreed on the brushes.  I have had a brand new squirrel box sitting around
for about 4 years and it will go in.  As far as the heater core is
concerned, I plan on leaving well enough alone there.  BTW Eric Kissel was
kind enough to send me the modified/updated "steak knife" procedures so...


Mark Pollan

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Having recently watched / tried to helped a little with the BFScrew
Driver/pry bar beating on the fan housing blower assembly etc. in an older
model 1989 or so 200 Q, my question, other than cost reasons alone, would be
"Why just brushes?"

Removing & replacing the blower assembly seemed (heck was) a pretty big pain
in the A***.  I would really hate to go through something like that to find
out shortly after putting the bugger back in I needed new fan bearings or a
heater core.

Anyone got a check list of other things to consider doing while in there?


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~Search the Quattro archives for "steak knife"  --no, seriously!--and you'll
~find it.
~You can replace the blower motor completely (it's a pain) or you can go to
~an electric motor shop and buy some brushes that are approximately the same
~size.  Make them the right size with a fine file--a brush is pretty much a
~brush.  Worked for me.

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