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Feico ,
Remus is a fine product. And the pain of being the "Beta tester" is memorab=
My sympathy to you Feico!
Your story reminds me of the dearly departed Shange Felker who was Beta man=
 for GP#1.  He cycled his S6 back and forth from San Diego to Stromung nume=
rous times to tune the fitment for Frank, Charlie, Scott, Paul, Andrew,  Br=
uce , Ralph, Dean, Jimmy, Mike, Phil, etc, all the early Y2K adopters when =
I managed the GP1. We're all grateful to those GP1 owners who forged a path=
 for the next wave and endured the Boom Car times of Drone. Now distant mem=
I am not aware of a Remus turbo back system maybe it exists. That is a part=
icular edge Stromung provides, turbo to tailpipe in 3 series lightweigth se=
But I have to tell you, GP2, GP3, GP4 followed and with each one, the fit, =
finish and audio qualities improved a great deal over those 'early' TAP sys=
tems while holding the cost down. Killed the drone effect completely. The s=
ound qualities just get better with street driving IME.  Still it is true R=
S2 track racers clog the single cat, and burn the downpipes.
Many like Pizzo run the straight pipe and turn off the CD player. Say What!=
 no cat to clog.
Right now I am just starting the 'improved downpipe' project for next seaso=
n=2E Better stainless, wider aperture, improved WG location, price hike.
And one good endorsement comes from 2Bennett. Check their site, and you'll =
see their fabulously expensive downpie, bolts to the "SS" section 2, and 3 =
for like, $2400?
S-car owners all over North America enjoy the Stromung "SS". Stromung may b=
e slow to deliver but the product is very good for the money.

 FvAMI at aol.com wrote:--
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In a message dated 11/16/02 3:37:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, n3xgc at yahoo.c=

> I've got a Remus muffler in with stock middle resonator on my S6. Sounds a
> little louder and deeper, but not as throaty as the Stromung's on other c=
> in my area, but I don't have the RS2 bits like they do either :(

Is you car black on black and a 95.5? The Remus exhaust sounds great and it
looks really good too. I don't think Stromung can build that type of qualit=
I won't forget the agony I went through for a few free chips from TAP so
Stromung could pull the exhaust off my car to measure the stock exhaust to
build that exhaust ... so personally I will never put it on (even if it was
free) ... I waited an hour for him to show up and we didn't finish the first
day and had to come back the next day ... he offered to put one on for free
when it was done (back in 1997) ... no thanks!

Best regards,
Feico van der Laan
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