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> 1) The service at Stromung has been great, especially with our man Jeff
> Posto.

Unfortunately for me the particular day the owner (I think it was Jeff) was
very late. I had to hang out with his non English speaking workers except for
one for about an hour ... whom kept on telling me he was on his way. He
definitely was pleasant but I found it inexcusable 15 minutes ... O.K. Then
to top it off I tore the bumper off the front of the car while backing off
the ramps after he gave me the all clear (o.k he got it all back on again
except for the small crease in the bumper ... which he offered to fix ... but
I was done) ... and the hours I spent getting the exhaust "springs"
configured properly afterwards in my garage ... because he put them on wrong
... the Bentley manual had not been printed at that time.

Sorry I should have been more clear ... He would install it for free ... I
still would have to pay for the system ... O.K. if it was a free system I
would take it.

Best regards,
Feico van der Laan

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