Floor Jacks, was [s-cars] Robbery....LeMans Classic video

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Hmm, I don't remember seeing the Grand Marinier Crepe cart either, but that would have been a VERY welcome treat after the experience of Andouille sausage.  I think I mighta seen some funnel cakes though, so Rod would have been at home ;-)

I have never , ever, ever, EVER, in my life, experienced a food so revolting as the Andouille sausage at LeMans.   I'm about ready to puke just thinking about it!
(2nd runner up is definately overcooked brussel sprouts!! )

Just one of many times over here...I see a list of items on a menu, have NO FREAKIN clue whatsoever what any of it is, and I just pick one!  So far its worked well, with the exception of Andouille...

Tom, I "owe ya one" for not warning me about that!  Hehe :-)

Keith "No more Andouille!" Maddock

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Gotta love that Craftsmaster Club.  I worked at Sears (hardware) while in college.  I used to hear all kinds of funny names for Craftsman and other Sears product lines from the local Athens, GA crowd.  Man....the kooks that used to come in that store!!  My favorite line was "this thang ain't worked right since day one!!!"  I finally got fed up with hearing it so I got smart and said "well, I guess you should have brought it back on day one!!"  Anyway...I'm rambling now.....

No crepes to be had at "the Classic, but I got ahold of some Andouille sausage.  Keith bought one too.  We walk back over to the French Audi Corral and sat down to eat.  Well, Keith left his sausage untouched while he ate his fries.  I on the other hand took a big bite out of the Andouille as soon as we sat down.  I immediately thought "damn this stuff smells like horse sh1t"....then as I kept chewing I thought "oh my god it tastes like it too!!"  So with a straight face I stood up from the table with this stuff still in my mouth and very quietly walked around to the back of the tent and spit it out.  The foul taste still lingered and gag reflex was definitely kicking in....I grabbed my beer and chugged about half of it down.  Things were going to be OK.

I told Keith that he really needed to try his sausage 'cause it was good!!  Keith put it in his mouth and bite down.  I'm starting to laugh at this point.  He must have gotten the same smell I got because he proceeded to release his teeth from the sausage leaving just his teeth marks in it.  It went straight to the trash can along side mine.  Cheesinya!!

So later I asked Frederic what Andouille consisted of....the answer was "pig intestines".....awww NICE!!.  "Do you like it, Frederic"....."Oh yes I love to eat it all the time!!"

Note to self.....stay way from Andouille next time.

Will the LMC stories ever end?!!  What a great time.  I hope more yanks can make it next time to cover my back.

Thanks again Frederic for all the hospitality!!  Give my regards to Norbert also.  And of course I send my kisses to Sophie!! :-)

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> Subject: Re: Floor Jacks, was RE: [s-cars] Robbery....LeMans Classic video
> Sear's craftsman club sale starts next week (you need to sign up for the
> club). For like $89 they have a package consisting of 3 ton floor jack,
> pair of 3 ton stands, creeper seat, wheel chacks and maybe something
> else (I don't remember, I tossed the flyer).
> Tom, if you really want to know when you got robbed it is when you got
> to the circuit and the Grand Marnier Crepe Stand was conspicuously
> absent. It ain't Le Mans if you don't have Grand Marnier Crepes. Sorry,
> but it is what it is. I was a bit bummed about not being able to make
> the Classic (I was at Laguna Seca, and although the wife is damn cool, a
> second trip to La Sarthe in one year would be a tall order), but when I
> found out about the lack of crepes, it took a lot of the pain away (I
> probably had about 12 of them during the course of the race, including
> an especially tasty batch at about 4:00am).
> Bummer that Audi won't be back with a full factory effort next year. I
> understand the three in a row thing, but then again they may as well get
> all of the benefit from the current R8 next year before the rules change
> for '04. Too bad, I would have liked to make the trip again. What to do
> June 16 next year... F1 GP Aux Canada here I come!
> I'm gonna go make some Grand Marnier Crepes to drown my sorrows in.
> Frank at s-cars.org
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