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Other than the boost-control, since all the fuel-injection devices are the same (MAF/FI), you should have any mixture or idle type problems swapping the two ECU's.  If you really wanted to run the Big-Turbo ECU with the stock turbo temporarily (aka to retain a car to drive to work when you're in the middle of swapping everything), then what you could do is unplug the WGFV connector (and tape it up).  This would cause your car to revert to using the wastegate-spring to control boost, and you're limited to about 6 PSI.   The operation is quite smooth in this mode, just not as fast as you're used to, but the car isnt a TOTAL dog and you could get to work....  You'd probably get better fuel-mileage.

Come to think of it, on could wire a switch into the WGFV control line, and this would be a great way to implement up a Valet/Teen driver switch.......


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>>> <jimk at spotgraphicsinc.com> 21:12:50 30.09.2002 >>>
Thanks very much for the confirmation.  So it looks like I need to do it all at
once or take my time and have both cars off the road for a bit.

Russ Panneton wrote:

> Jim,
> I believe running the Stage 3 chip set on a stock turbo would run the risk of
> over spinning it and killing it.  Remember, the ECU will think it's got an RS2
> turbo at work, not the smaller K24.  The other swap should work fine but
> you'll suffer the increased lag and higher boost threshold of the RS2 turbo
> w/o getting any significant gain out of it.
> Regards,
> Russ
> On Mon, 30 Sep 2002 11:14:34 -0700, jimk at spotgraphicsinc.com wrote:
> >Hello,
> >If I were to take the ECU from my 93 S4 with a Lehman Stage 3 chipset
> >that is meant to run with stock FI's, MAF,Cam  etc. but RS2 manifold and
> >turbo, and put it temporarily into a 95.5 S6 with a completely stock
> >powertrain, will it work properly or will it cause problems?  And will a
> >stock ECU work with an RS2 turbo and EM (the reverse swap)?  Obviously
> >it's not as good in either case, but will it actually cause problems?
> >Thanks,
> >Jim
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