[s-cars] First gear noises?

Saltino Tom (adm1txs) adm1txs at ups.com
Thu Oct 3 18:42:41 EDT 2002

Doubt it's the tranny.

Sounds to me like dry prop shaft joints.  The joint located next to the cats
are usually suspect.  If they have never been repacked you might want to
drop the shaft enough to pull the joint and clean out the old dry grease and
repack it.


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 Hi all,
   Ok, my project s-4 is finally fixed but I have a strange noise in first
gear. It sounds like something ticking as I accelerate but only does it in
first gear. Is first gear going? Can it be fixed or does this mean new
trans.? Thanks for any help,

94 S-4 ( my car with to many mods and lots of lag)
94 S-4 Strange noise. (bought wrecked and fixed)
95.5 S-6 Avant (wife's car)
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