WG: [s-cars] First gear noises?

Chad Clark chadclark at qwest.net
Fri Oct 4 10:34:23 EDT 2002

Hey boys and girls,

Since we are on the subject of strange noises emanating from places we'd
rather not talk about, I've got one that I need some help with. Subject: '92
S4 with a 95.5 S6 tranny(40kmi). New clutch and flywheel at the time of
tranny install roughly two years ago. Noise just started about a two months

If I start the car and just drive away normally, I hear an audible ticking
noise through the first 2 gears, only under load, not as I decelerate. Noise
is more like pinging than anything else, again, only through second gear and
then mysteriously goes away after approximately 2 minutes never to be heard
again for the remainder of my drive. NOW THE WEIRD PART, I can literally
stop the car fully warmed up, anywhere, anytime after the noise has gone
away, restart the car, accelerate in 1st and 2nd and the noise will be there
but only for the 2 minutes or less(ping, ping, ping) Noise is not continuos
pinging either. Sometimes the pinging is more rapid paced, sometimes not but
pretty consistent(always there on a restart of the motor). I can accelerate
light enough(<1/4 throttle) through 2nd gear and not hear the noise. It's
definitely a rotational issue(car has to be moved to get rid of the noise)
because if I let the car warm up for say 10 minutes, the noise will be there
until after I have moved approximately .5 miles and through the first two
gears. WTF!

So, let's rule some things out: CV's outer's, both sides have been repacked.
When the S6 tranny went in two years ago, both ends of the prop shaft were
repacked. I've only ever used 91 Octane here in CO to rule out a true engine
ping, or at least I think. New starter in the last 3 months(is something
hanging up here?) It is definitely not valve lifter clatter, besides, all
new lifters one year ago. I can usually find weird noises over time but this
one has me completely baffled! Thanks for any and all opinions, experiences,
thoughts on this one. I'm all ears!

Chad Clark '92 Ur-S

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> Hi,
> my '95 S6 Avant turbo(6-speed) has some strange noise as well. Especially
> audible with the open window passing
> by a wall. The noise disappears when decelarating in 1st. Audi dealer said
> the noise is due to
> a broken tooth of the first gear. Although the noise is irritating I should
> not worry about meaning
> that the tranny would not break apart in the near future. So I'll keep
> driving as is and keep the
> windows closed and turn the radio on. ;)
> Michael
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>> Hi all,
>> Ok, my project s-4 is finally fixed but I have a strange noise in first
>> gear. It sounds like something ticking as I accelerate but only does it in
>> first gear. Is first gear going? Can it be fixed or does this mean new
>> trans.? Thanks for any help,
>> Elijah
>> 94 S-4 ( my car with to many mods and lots of lag)
>> 94 S-4 Strange noise. (bought wrecked and fixed)
>> 95.5 S-6 Avant (wife's car)
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