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Paul Krasusky KrasuskyP at FirstInterBank.com
Mon Oct 7 11:12:50 EDT 2002

Jim, thanks!  I hope you and your wife enjoyed that expensive spa weekend I
set up for you!  Er, or something.  I mean, I dunno NUTHIN'...

Heh, more likely, I'd be willing to bet most of the list pitched into a pool
and sent you something nice, as a preemptive strike and not have to read yet
another message from me.  No?

Thank you for your efforts, much appreciated 8-)!!!!!

-Paulie "greasin' the wheel" K.

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Ok, ok...before you send the Pizzo mafia after me... shippment of the hoses
has started!

I had to drove 3 F'ing hours down to Willosten in VT to pick up the shipment
up from Emery on Saturday (Emery folks are real nice, but they sure don't
have their act together when it comes to new customers, what on ordeal...).
While we where down their we took the opportunity to get started on the
shipping since the FedEx office was across the road. We got about 36 kits
out that day before we ran out of boxes to ship with (looked pretty funny
sorting 5 large boxes of colorful hoses out of a pickup in the FedEX parking

Paul, Chris, and Jim you got lucky and made it in the random selection of
shipping I helped Ann do yesterday (Saturday), your kits have been sent via
FedEx ground and should arrive in 7 to 9 days as of Monday. Sorry Peter,
you'll have to wait a while longer while Ann looks for boxes! She'll
probably ship out the rest next weekend.

I will send an off list e-mail to the GP members to inform you of the
details, and you can listen to me rant about my latest GP ordeal... ugh.

Cheers, /James "a real hoser" Murray who's thinking his last name should be
changed to Murphy !

P.S. If want to ask me something, please do it off list, I'm swamped with
work these days and haven't had time to read the list lately...

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	Ouch.  Listbitch strikes back.  Slap!  ThankyousirmayIhaveanother.

	'95 //S6 awaiting his OWN hoses.  For once
	'58 TR3A with still nothing funny

	Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 12:26:48 -0700 (PDT)
	From: Joseph Pizzimenti <pizzoman at yahoo.com>
	Subject: Re: [s-cars] OK, so now I have HD clamps...
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		James Murray LMC <James.Murray at ericsson.ca>

	I hope they come soon.  My 2 spare MM's are currently
	on loan right now to 2 listers (you know who you are)
	and with the problems one of them's having, I wouldn't
	be surprised if he broke this one, too.

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