[s-cars] Smoking is hazardous to my sanity

Paul Friedenberg paulunm at msn.com
Thu Oct 10 21:11:31 EDT 2002

I'd say valve stem seals. Smoke is probably blue, but might look grey. Had
this issue with my 200 20v, took care of the problem by totalling the car.

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>Subject: [s-cars] Smoking is hazardous to my sanity
>Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 10:06:11 -0400
>Greetings my smoke free S friends,
>The saga continues..........
>A little more information about my car's desire to emit a lovely plume of
>smoke after it has sat for a couple hours...If you don't recall, it smokes
>only on startup for about 30 seconds.  Driving the car ends the smoke.
>There is no (measurable) coolant or oil consumption.  No oil in
>coolant/coolant in oil. Boost/vac are strong.  Idle is smooth.  Car is
>otherwise perfect. The smoke is most likely fuel related, though its not
>black, it is whitish/gray.   I drove behind a Crown Victoria POS the other
>day and THAT was burning oil.  My car's smoke doesn't smell like burning
>oil, more like a strong NoX/Co2
>New data!  Now that it is cooler in N.E., I am getting (a lot) more smoke
>the morning.  This seems to correspond inversely to the very low levels of
>smoke when it was 95+ degrees out over the summer... One could surmise that
>it is something to do with the cold start/enrichment system, but I throw no
>codes?  Leaky injector (still need to test that)?.  OTOH, if it is oil, it
>is not "burnt" oil, which was a very distinct and recognizable smell.  My
>leading suspect for any oil intrusion is the valve guide seals.  Anyone
>how to test these for leakage?
>Any other tips/thoughts?  Anyone have a spare ECU so I can eliminate the
>recent MTM 1+ as the culprit?
>Thanks a bunch,
>Ed "living in a Cheech and Chong state of mind" Walsh
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