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     There is no substitute for a wide hard one in a nice hot box.  Almost as
good as a Hot Dicken's Cider.  But seriously.

      A LWFW shouldn't affect engine braking significantly.

     When I did me clutch recently I had the Luk OEM kit from Carolina
clutch. I ended up putting the old pressure plate back in (new one didn't fit
and I needed the car) and just using the new disk, TO bearing and pilot. I
also cleaned the flywheel and PP with emery cloth. The clutch is very nice.
Plenty of grab. It actually takes some getting used to. The pedal is also
very very light compared to the old one.  Here's what I'm sure you want to
hear though...I did my first hard launch the other day. Before this the car
was hard to get going without bogging.  I got stuck in a situation where I
had to get ahead of the crowd at a light if you can relate. I reved it up to
4k and SMOOTHLY let out the clutch. It took off so hard it made me dizzy. Now
the car is very easy to get away from a dead stop. I wouldn't want to do this
regularly but I'm confident I'll have plenty of clutch when I need it. I also
don't ride the clutch at stop lights so it should last a while. I left the
pro-con stuff off of my new trans. Don't really understand how important this
is so I may have screwed up. I've got the bracket if I need it though.

Chad Tobin

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 Yup, the subject says it all... time to start another heated round of

 This week's subject:  6spds

 I've surfed Charlie Smith's comprehensive site for some time, and brushed up
 a bit on the what's what.  My, er, friend, hopes to soon be installing a
 6spd in his, say, 1995 //S6, and would like to begin the process of locating
 the right box.  Gearbox, that is, there's nothing like a nice box...

 Now, I see CMG, CGR, and CRB all look to have the "E" suffix, for wide &
 hard, as in I want to put something wide and hard in the box.  OK, as in 1st
 gear.  And I see one needs to find the right box with the proper rear
 housing to minimize having to swap off of one's OE box.  I also understand
 there are 2 6th gears to choose from.

 My friend's questions are:

 Who can provide the BTDT as to what box(es) he should be looking for to
 minimize having to fuss around with rear housings?

 What is the better of the 2 gears (lower I'd think)?

 Anyone got a good source?

 Pros / cons of new vs. refab?

 What is the air speed velocity of a Swallow?

 THEN we get into clutches.

 I know Cody Payne (and others) have gone the Centerforce / light weight fly
 wheel (LWFW).  And I know others suggest that doing so might be overkill as
 it's over-strengthening the link in the chain that is supposed to buffer the
 stresses from the rest.

 What are the thoughts here?  If it's over kill, how about a beefier Sachs(?)
 and the LWFW?

 Does the LWFW kill the car up hills / f-up deceleration (engine braking)?

 What's the best source, Carolina Clutch?

 What is your favorite color?

 OK, that should stoke the embers to a medium blaze...  lemme have it.  I
 mean, my friend, that is...

 -Paulie Thousand Questions
 '95 //S6 not particularly hard enough, nor wide enough
 '58 TR3A not only non hardened not wide 1st, but non-syncro'ed 1st

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