[s-cars] Euro lights question

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Mon Oct 14 13:10:51 EDT 2002


I would *guess* that a set of headlamps from a UK S6 would fit on your car.
A set from a UK S4 would not, so you will need to make sure that it is an

Second, you will have to change the lenses as the cutoff on UK headlamps is
up and to the left rather than up and to the right. Lenses are available as
replacements from several sources, but will run $100 or $150 for the pair.
By the time you add in shipping and the cost of the lamps, you might as well
just buy new.

Don't worry about the lack of orange in the turn signals...just use yellow
bulbs and you'll be fine.

Wiring *should* be identical, plug and play.

We did a group purchase last winter through PUMA (www.puma-access.com)


> I have a chance to get Euro lights and front turn
> signal lenses from wrecking yard in the UK for a very
> reasonable price. Does anyone know if the lights used
> in the UK are in the fact the "Euro lights" that
> everyone purchases as an upgrade. I mean, is the lens
> , reflector different than the US? Also, are the Euro
> turnsignal lenses clear and do not have the orange in
> them. If I can sort this all out, I think there is
> wiring issues also, Maybe a GP is in order. They can
> buy new reasonable.
> Thanks
> Mike P.
> 95.5 S6 avant, looking for more light cheap
> 75 Carrera Targa

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