[s-cars] 2002 S6 Brakes.

Scott Munger mungerts at uneedspeed.net
Mon Oct 21 14:26:47 EDT 2002

That happened on my '01 S4 around 8k miles.  I looked into it and found a
TSB that said the high metallic content on the pads could glaze the rotors
and the dealer can "de-glaze" the rotors to fix the problem.  I took it into
the dealer and they corroborated the TSB and deglazed the rotors for no
charge.  Deglazing merely amounted to semi-circular scratches around the
rotor surface.  Fixed the problem... although new brake pads may keep it
from recurring.

I wonder if going through a brake bedding process may in fact fix the
problem as well...


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> Just 3000 miles on the car.
> The brakes are squeaky.
> Got the same crap from two AUDI service centers.
> "It's a pretty typical problem and all we can do is clean the pads".
> Called AUDI and they say if according to the dealer it works
> within specs,
> there is nothing they can do.
> The specs did not include squeaks at every stop.
> Anyone?
> A,.
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