[s-cars] Temp warning light

Dan Bertram DBertram at McLoughlinPromotions.Com
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Did you check your coolant level?  Sounds to me like it's telling you to add
some coolant to the reservoir, especially if it's doing it when it's cold
and the fluid hasn't had a chance to warm up and expand to a level where it
would shut off the indicator.

Hopefully an easy and cheaper step one....

Dan - '97 S6


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Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 21:09:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bill de Alva <billdealva at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [s-cars] Temp warning light, '95 S6


On two different occasions recently, the temperature
warning light appeared on the multi-purpose display.
In both instances the light came on along with the
warning tone shortly after I had started the car for
the first time in the morning.  The second time it
occurred, the car had only been running for less than
a minute.

The coolant certainly did not have time to overheat.
The first time it happened, I thought "stuck
thermostat".  When it happened the second time only
moments after a cold start, even a stuck thermostat
did not make sense.

The nearest dealer to my home is about 200 miles away.
 I would like to assess how urgent it may or may not
be to the the car inspected.  Would the car's computer
record an error code that might identify what was
going on?  Should I have the thermostate checked by a
local mechanic before I try driving to the dealer?

Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.

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