[s-cars] Battery Questions

Brian Powell brian at atomicham.com
Sat Oct 26 13:38:28 EDT 2002

The battery in my S6 has slowly been going bad, and, now it is time to
replace it.

Looking through the lists, the following batteries are the options as I
see them:

Optima Orange Top (reversed leads)
DieHard International
Interstate MTP-91

The question I have is regarding "sealed" batteries.  As I understand
it, we need a sealed battery with one (or none) exhaust port to attach
to the hose under the seat.  If it isn't sealed, the battery will
outgas which will (over time) destroy the leather seat.  Is this true?

Which battery is recommended?  It sounds like the Optima is the best,
but, does it mount in our car with the standard mounting hardware?  The
others have recessed terminals which is nice for under the seat.

Thanks for your help.


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