[s-cars] Moaning Intake '93 S4

Andrew & Alison Seward sewarda at home.nl
Mon Oct 28 07:53:01 EST 2002

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My '93 S4 "moans" when under throttle, especially at the point where the bo=
ost is just starting to build.  This problem has gotten slowly worse over t=
he past 2 years.  I've traced the sound to the intake side, specifically th=
e intake box (has K&N filter, if that matters).

Request advice on how to "de-moan" my S4!  Since the airbox is apparently a=
cting as a resonant chamber (like a musical instrument), would cutting an a=
dditional hole or holes in the airbox at a point before the air filter be a=
 reasonable solution?

I checked the archives but didn't see anything on this subject.

Thanks in Advance,
Andy Seward
Holtum, Netherlands

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