[s-cars] Windshield broken in Boston area- Central Glass any good?

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Wed Sep 4 21:22:55 EDT 2002


I've had a local guy, the Village GlassSmith in Wellesley, do my windshields
a couple of times, and he does great work. I don't know if he'll travel to
your neck of the woods, but he might.

Here's a couple of tips.

I've used both Pilkington and PPG glass, the PPG seems to be a bit harder.
But not by much.

The car should be parked for at least 24 hours after the job, preferably 48,
so that the caulking can set without any movement. The windshield is a
structural part of the car. Some glass places use quicksetting
caulking...others forget to tell you not to drive the car. Doh.

I have mine done in my garage on a Thursday or Friday afternoon, and plan
not to drive the car until Monday. I flex the chassis every chance I get,
and I want that windshield to be set firmly in place!

You can reach my glass guy at (781) 431-9700. Ask for Donny, mention my
name. :)

I've watched him do 3 of my windshields over the past couple of years. He's
as good as they get...doesn't even charge extra if I help :)


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> To my Bostonian listers,
> The windshield on my S4 started to crack and I was wondering if anyone has
> had good or bad experiences with an outfit named Central Glass.
> The dealer
> (Reitzel Porsche Audi) subs out all of their work to them.  I
> just finished
> reading the Bentley and it has me worried that a shop without the
> VAG tools
> and radio antennae experience might not be able to handle the job to spec.
> Other than the quality of their workmanship, should I specify a particular
> windshield manufacturer?  Any other tips?
> Many thanks, Ed

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