[s-cars] Radio Removal DIN Tool ?

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 2 11:45:38 EST 2003

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> Is there an easy way to remove the Bose Radio from a 93 S4? Any DIY tools
> that can be used or made? or do I absolutely need to buy the DIN Tool? The
> following link shows 2 "U" shaped probes, I'm just wondering if I can
> fabricate these myself easily enough rather than search all over for them...
> So before I start shoving items in the hole and break something, I thought
> ask for any BTDT :-)

supposedly you can fabricate them from coathangers, but wire coathangers
these days seem to be made of flimsy metal.  didn't work for me.  i
bought them from walmart for $3.


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