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Ian Duff iduff at rcn.com
Wed Apr 2 18:08:55 EST 2003

See my earlier post about rear flexible lines. I bet the rubber covering on
both rears is torn, the liner on both sides is bulged, and one side is
leaking. At least that's what I found. With parts and tools in hand, figure
about an hour, perhaps as much as two. Of course, it took me and my trusty
friend (who shall remain nameless, since the delays are my fault, not his)
close to four hours...
-Ian Duff.
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Thank to all who replied.

O.K., after filling the brake fluid reservoir, I pumped the brakes and sure
enough I see some fluid coming out the back where the rear diff. is.
Actually I can hear the air pushing out when I pump the brakes.

Any BDTD on which brake line it is and/or ease/difficulty of R&R? I didn't
have a chance to inspect futher(I'm in a parking garage).


James,now know way I'm stopless in Seattle
92 S4

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>   I assume when you say fluid you mean the brake fluid rather than the
>hydraulic oil that would be in the bomb. The first thing would be to fill
>the system and bleed it then have someone push down on the brake pedal
>while you check for leaks. The brake fluid would have had to have leaked
>out although it's possible to boil some off especially if there is a
>caliper dragging. If it is the hydraulic oil that is low you may have a
>problem with the bomb/pump or hoses.
>Chad Tobin
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> > Hey all,
> >
> > Need the list wisdom here. On Monday over bumps my brake light(red)
> > flickered on/off. Tuesday, the brake light stayed on longer. Then in the
> > evening I was driving along and a cop with lights flashing, pulled out
> > front of me. Needless to say when I went for the "oh sh*t" stop, the
> > went to the floor(ABS working) and I almost T-boned the cop. After this
> > panic stop the pedal goes to the floor but still stops. This morning I
> > the "pump test" but it never built up significant pressure, so I checked
> > brake fluid reservoir and it was empty.
> >
> > So my question: Is this the famous "bomb" failure or something else? Any
> > BTDT I should be aware of? I checked the archives and there were similar
> > problems but no one mentioned loss of fluid. Patient is a 92' S4 with
>new MC
> > when I had the clutch replaced 2 to 3 years ago. Bleed the
> > brakes about a
> > year ago.
> >
> > Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > James, stopless in Seattle
> > 92' S4

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