[s-cars] removal of oil drain plug

James Murray (LMC) James.Murray at ericsson.ca
Wed Apr 2 19:15:04 EST 2003

Oooh... ignore my suggestion of heating it then! yikes....

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ran into the same problem on our '93 Audi 100 about three
months ago. Ended up needing three guys, a six foot breaker
bar and a chrome-alloy close-ended wrench (23 mm? 26 mm?
Wasn't an american size at any rate). I don't know who put
the plug in last (PO or a garage that did work for him),
but damn it was a PIA! Anyway, I'd suggest making sure the
engine is as cold as possible -- the bolt expands outwards
when warm, and the oil-pan retainer of the bolt expands
inward when warm, and the copper washer expands between the
two when warm, and all three conspire to help keep the bolt
tight when warm/hot. Icing the plug might help, and we hit
it several times with spray brake cleaner before removing
it to make sure no oil was complicating the grip issues on
the outside of the bolt.

In theory, you could affix a strong wrench in the right
spot and then start lifting the end of it with a floor jack
-- the weight of the engine should wrench the bolt free. If
the head is really torn up, get the biggest pair of
vice-grips you can afford and try that.  Similarly, you can
cut the head of the bolt to take a impact driver.

Have the replacement FUMOTO drain plug on had, along with
two or three brass/copper washers for once you get your
original plug out; you'll never go through the pain again.

Now my best suggestion: if you didn't just recently
purchase the car and know who put the bolt in last, take it
back there and make them take it out (along with a stern
lecture about foot-lbs and torque specifications).

One word of warning: it is possible, in theory at least, to
rip the cast aluminum oil pan if too much force is
transfered through the bolt (unlikely, but possible, and I
warned you :P ).

Good Luck
=-= Marc

PS - damn to hell whoever thought up the idea of using a
stronger metal plug (brass/bronze/steel) in a weaker metal oil
pan (aluminum). Curse the Idiots. Including the ones over
at the Suzuki factory who designed my motorcycle...

Dan wrote:

> Dear Listeners:  The oil drain plug on my 95 S6 will not unscrew. After
> several attempts lying on my back and partially defacing the plug,
> I took it to a service center where two mechanics and a breaker bar
> could not break it free.  They suggested an Audi dealer; however,
> before I do that, are there any suggestions from the List?  I
> appreciate
> BTDT experiences, as well as any information regarding a type of
> socket or wrench for partially stripped bolt heads that was mentioned
> on the List awhile ago. It might have been a Sears product.
> Thank you.
> Dan
> 95.5 S6

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