[s-cars] removal of oil drain plug

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You might also try this. I never have, but seen it posted a long time ago.
Try to cut out the crush washer with a hack saw.
HTH and good luck.


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Dear Listeners:  The oil drain plug on my 95 S6 will not unscrew. After
several attempts lying on my back and partially defacing the plug, I took it
to a service center where two mechanics and a breaker bar could not break it
free.  They suggested an Audi dealer; however, before I do that, are there
any suggestions from the List?  I appreciate BTDT experiences, as well as
any information regarding a type of socket or wrench for partially stripped
bolt heads that was mentioned on the List awhile ago. It might have been a
Sears product. Thank you.

95.5 S6


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