[s-cars] Re: Newbie Introduction

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Sun Apr 6 11:30:50 EDT 2003

Kirby:  Actually, I usually only shift into 3rd after I have redlined in 2nd.
But that's only after I have passed school zones. (I have found that the
little critters are hard to get off the paint)    (KIDDING!!!) (about the
paint thing --- Spray 9 works great).

Dave F.

Kirby Smith wrote:

> You go as high as 3rd gear?  :)
> kirby
> Dave Forgie wrote:
> >
> > Sean:  Yay!! Your car finally arrived!!  That took long enough!! I am
> > sure that you do find a difference from your 90 20V NA. (lighter vs
> > heavier, shorter wheel base vs longer wheel base, turning radius,
> > etc).  Fred Munro's points are well taken, re: potential boost
> > problems.  Even if things are fine, I would suggest never driving around
> > town in fifth gear.  Fourth is much better. If you want more snap and
> > are willing to sacrifice some fuel economy around town, I suggest
> > driving in 3rd gear.  This can get you into and out of trouble quickly
> > enough in 3rd (good for highly illegal in-town speeds).
> >
> > Dave F.
> >
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