[s-cars] Playing with RAIS ideas

Thompson thompson at audisport.com
Sun Apr 6 16:12:52 EDT 2003

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Playing with RAIS

I love my neu to me '95 S6. Problem is I have an urq WX and type44 MC1
10v'ers that have "Carrera Cup" style air box CIS mods and really suck
in the air giving spine tinlging, emotional feeling turbo engine sounds
while making better low end performance with crisper throttle response.
It does help.

I've had a K&N panel air filter in my '93 S4 but really never noticed
any improvement in this regard. I don't want to use a cone filter on my
20vs, (heat issue) but want to make a stock AAN airbox mod wRAIS that
works. Hap care to step in on your Home Depot kit photos?

I tried a crude method this weekend to feel if making a "Carrera Cup"
style intake helped any, without cutting up my stock one yet. I removed
the factory lower airbox and just duct taped the stock paper filter to
the top half. Seemed to feel a little snappier, but could only really
hear the turbo shifts or bypass valve working on throttle liftoff ? I
might try this same method with the K&N panel from the wife's S4.
She'll never know I swapped it right? It had just snowed and the
245/40-17 Khumo 712 really just don't hook up. The S6 shoots sideways
on boost and all four break loose. Great fun, but not good for testing
as there really isn't any load on the engine. Looking for ideas. Yes,
getting RAIS down low from the oil cooler area looks promising.


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