[s-cars] G8 Oil Temperature Sensor/Sender

Eyvind Spangen eyvind.spangen at c2i.net
Mon Apr 7 16:04:32 EDT 2003

On Mon, 07 Apr 2003 08:43:55 -0400, you wrote:

>Perusal of the Bentley pointed me to the sender/sensor for the Oil Temp.
>Gauge in my S6 as being G8.  However, Sr. Bentley was little help in
>providing me with its' location.  There is a picture of a V6 motor showing
>it in the front of the motor, but alas I have an I5.  The wiring diagram
>lists the connector as being at the front left of the motor.  Peering in
>there last night (yes, with a flash light) revealed nothing.  Is it behind
>the timing belt cover?

If it is in the same location as on the 200q20v, it is mounted just
behind the crank pulley on the front of the engine, into the oil pump
with the connector pointing downwards. You should see it. Beware that
it also functions as some kind of valve, so there is a spring and ball
behind it..

Eyvind Spangen

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