[s-cars] Pressure specs.

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Tue Apr 8 21:52:23 EDT 2003

Has anyone ( I know someone has) measured the deltaP across the STOCK
intercooler, and the deltaP across the stock air filter.
I understand these will vary with flow, but I need some baselines to play
with a turbo map.

Also, how many Lbs/min converts to HP,
If I induce 30 Lbs/min of air from the Turbo, what fuel would I need ?
Can I base it on 14:1 ratio air fuel ?
Or should I use a fatter ratio to have some spare fuel sitting around.
On the subject of injectors, what are the stock and RS2 rated at (lbs/hr.)

Lots of question I know, but I am thinking about trying out a Garrett turbo,
and I just wanna see what I am getting into.

Any and all response are welcome.


Mark S

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