[s-cars] Coolant Heresy?

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There was as I recall at least one other caveat as well:

WARNING:  Other forms of propylene glycol (manufactured for other uses) will
not work in an Evans NPG System, will cause damage, in some cases are
poisonous and highly flammable.  USE ONLY EVANS NPG COOLANT WITHOUT WATER IN

IMPORTANT: Never Add Water to Any Evans NPG or NPG+ Cooled, Cooling System!


On the other hand, for the Don/Cody Payne brake athon Saturday, & for
Paulie's ham handed East Coastal mafia wanabe's there is good news (you can
find this via a google search, key words "beer & coffee" +garage! you get 20
or 30 hits that all seem to include Paul Krasusky's home address.  Ignore
those & scroll down to  "..... But wait, there's more ..... The company
claims NPG is essentially non-toxic, so unlike conventional antifreeze, you
can drink it by mistake without injury. So can your pets. Still, if you run
out of coffee and beer in the garage, don't crack open a jug of Evans
coolant. Evans claims it is also environmentally safe. "   Unfortunately,
further on one discovers, "... Like a beautiful woman with a dorky laugh,
there are downsides to Evans' coolant. Wrecks happen and this coolant is
only slightly quicker to clean up than regular antifreeze.  It's also
flammable. "It burns like Sterno," said Pressley...."

BTW Bob, the check IS in the mail



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~Evans is based just outside the track entrance to Lime Rock Park
~in Ct.  The
~Zr-1 owners group researched this fairly extensively several years ago, and
~IIRC, good old Ethylene Glycol (EG) has substantially better heat transfer
~characteristics than NPG, so switching to the Evans System requires a
~substantially bigger radiator.  IIRC, in addition to having a
~higher boiling
~point, they asserted that NPG is both "wetter" than EG, meaning that
~molecularly, it has better "contact" better with the surface to be cooled,
~thus better heat transfer.   Further, they proposed that in a EG system,
~localized hot spots caused spot boiling of the coolant, and where even the
~smallest gas bubbles exist, the heat transfer capability is greatly
~diminished.     In the end, I stuck with Good old Prestone, since
~I reckoned
~(I learned that word from Saltino) that if I needed coolant in an
~Prestone would be easy, but NPG would mean a tow truck.

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