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Uncle Bob,

I used to run a 1/2 bottle of Redline Water Wetter in my track VW's with
great success, but I have not used it in a few years.  A cheap and easy
alternative to the NPG+ setup?

Yes, I recognize that the Bentley makes no mention of using coolant
additives akin to this product.


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Evans is based just outside the track entrance to Lime Rock Park in Ct.  The
Zr-1 owners group researched this fairly extensively several years ago, and
IIRC, good old Ethylene Glycol (EG) has substantially better heat transfer
characteristics than NPG, so switching to the Evans System requires a
substantially bigger radiator.  IIRC, in addition to having a higher boiling
point, they asserted that NPG is both "wetter" than EG, meaning that
molecularly, it has better "contact" better with the surface to be cooled,
thus better heat transfer.   Further, they proposed that in a EG system,
localized hot spots caused spot boiling of the coolant, and where even the
smallest gas bubbles exist, the heat transfer capability is greatly
diminished.     In the end, I stuck with Good old Prestone, since I reckoned
(I learned that word from Saltino) that if I needed coolant in an emergency,
Prestone would be easy, but NPG would mean a tow truck.


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The only coolant that works for our cars is the Audi OEM coolant.
That said, has anyone ever considered Evans NPG+ Racing Coolant?
Supposedly it was used in the Sprongel S2 rally car.  In comparing boiling
point vs oem, boiling point is about 100 degrees F higher; about 370 vs 270
for the oem coolant.
My take is that it may create better detonation.
Bill m

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