[s-cars] head advice

Dave Burig dburig at igsenergy.com
Fri Apr 11 13:49:05 EDT 2003

To all my friends, (think Mickey Rourke in Barfly)

My engine is leaking coolant at the interface between the head and the
block, behind the EM.  I'm   mentally prepared to take off the head, check
that it's flat, and replace the gasket.
Note: I replaced the coolant reservoir cap suspecting that it was not
venting properly.  No help, although it does not leak at all with the cap
off, = no pressure. I watched the leak stop when I removed the cap.  BTW, no
coolant in the oil.

My question/pipe dream.  Any chance that re-torquing the head bolts will
stop the leak?
Also, what type/size socket fits the head bolts.  6 or 12 point?

Thanks for the help.

Dave "leaking in Columbus" Burig

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