[s-cars] Any advice on good tires to buy

Kevin C. Quiros kcquiros at hartfordfinancial.com
Fri Apr 11 17:06:31 EDT 2003

I need some new performance tires. Any recommendations for a really GOOD
tire with good tread for a LOW price. I tried to buy Yokohama AVS ES100's
but they're on back order for a while(4 weeks at least). HTRZ IIs
(Sumitomo ) was recommended by Paul K. Any others for a good price?
Considered S-03's but too $$$

Kevin Q

Black 95.5 //S6 MTM Stage 1(still stumbling), suspension getting done
tomorrow, empty beer can under passenger seat from last summer, with ski
rack and snows still on, not knowing when the sun will come out in CT.

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